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Our Kennels

We've moved to Oklahoma! 

Our dogs are free range for the most part, we kennel them at night for their safety and security. The kennel is well insulated and heated for those cold winter nights as well as air conditioned for those hot, muggy summer months.

Our Kennels are Built for Comfort

Kennel features:
  • Gender Separated Fenced in areas

  • 80 Acre adventure, training and exercising area with 2 ponds

  • Climate Controlled Environment (Heat and A/C at 74 degrees)

  • Individual Sleeping Kennels (4ft x 6ft x 6ft)

  • Elevated Food and Water Bowls for food and fresh water

  • Three large shaded water tubs to stay hydrated

  • Large Doggy doors to get out of the heat

  • 24/7 Alarm and surveillance, so smile if you come visit 🙂

Jetta at suset.
Kennel photo.jpeg

Take a look at the dogs we keep in the kennel.

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