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Meet Our Pointing Labradors

We are a small family owned AKC pointing Labrador breeder, we’ve been breeding since 2005. Our goal is to find the best bloodlines and produce some of the best pointing lab puppies in the country. We currently have three dogs in our breeding program, all of our other dogs are either retired or didn’t pass their OFA certification and have been sterilized. We keep them and love them as pets.



Yellow Labrador Female

Our girl, Ellie has an incredible pedigree with 7 4X-GMPR, 7 ALPA HOF, and 5 Master Hunters. At about 70 lbs, Ellie is an over-the-top upland pointer retriever with lots of stamina. She is OFA certified with good hips, normal elbows, and a normal eye check.

Desert Jewel Pointing Labs - Pedigrees - Ellie.jpg
Happy smiling black male labrador


Black Labrador Male

After several years of searching we have found our boy! Elvis was whelped Jan 2016 in Colorado where we took ownership of him at 8 weeks. He is a little under 80 lbs, extremely smart, excellent prey drive, loves to please, and in ever regard a true stud dog. He has sired five litters to date producing 62 healthy pups at Desert Jewel Pointing Labs and we look forward to many more from him.

Pedigree for Elvis at Desert Jewel Pointing Labs
Chocolate labrador looking up at owner sweetly


Chocolate Labrador Female

Our girl, Coco has an incredible pedigree with Senior Hunters as well as Master Hunters. At about 70 lbs, Coco is a very lean over-the-top retriever with more stamina than any lab we know of. She is OFA certified with good hips, normal elbows, and a normal eye check. Coco is often mistaken for a chocolate colored Weimaraner but she is 100% pure bred AKC Pointing Lab and has produced 55 healthy pups all sired by our Elvis.

Black labrador looking off camera


Black Labrador Female

Jewel was our Matriarch.  Desert Jewel Kennel was named after this beloved dog that started our journey. We purchased Jewel from a local breeder in Litchfield, AZ in 2005. We chose her because she stood out as the most independent puppy of her litter and also what we thought was the best-looking girl at the dance. We named her Jewel because she shined like a gem in the sun with her deep black coat. She passed away in the fall of 2017 and she will be forever missed.

Yellow lab sitting and getting his picture taken


Yellow Labrador Male

Tyson was the sire for Jewel’s litter of eleven pups. He was a healthy large yellow male of about two years of age at the time of breeding. Neither Tyson nor Jewel were Pointing Labradors, they were good ol’ American family dogs with extremely high drive and intelligence. Tyson belonged to an acquaintance from Peoria, AZ, we are unaware of his current whereabouts.

Jett, black labrador male sitting for a picture


Black Labrador Male

Jett was our sire for the litter that gave us Jetta and he is also the beginning of our Pointing Labrador sporting journey. Click below to review Jett’s pedigree.

Black labrador smiling with her tongue hanging out


Black Labrador Female

Jetta is our retired breeding female out of Jewel and Jett. She was whelped on 12/17/2010. She is every bit as energetic, intelligent and if possible an even better nose. She is one half pointing lab thanks to her sire’s pedigree, Jett.

Jetta whelped three litters to date with her most recent litter arriving July 3, 2016. She was tri-factored which means she can produce pups of all three colors: Black, Chocolate and Yellow. Each of Jetta’s litters have been eight pups in number and each litter has produced all three colors. Jetta has passed recently and her family will miss her forever.

Chocolate labrador with a tennis ball in his mouth.


Chocolate Labrador Male

Bear is a very special sire for our kennel and has been used for multiple litters with Jetta, Coco, Ellie and Zulu.

Pedigree document

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