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High Quality Dog Breeder | Geronimo, OK | Mesa, AZ

Thank you for visiting our website. At Desert Jewel Pointing Labs, we've been building our reputation as a trusted Dog Breeder since we bred our first puppies back in 2005. We take our responsibilities very serious and strive to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all of our canine athletes. For this reason, our happiest days are when one of our pups is adopted by a loving and welcoming family living out it's best life.


Mar 11, 2023 • Public

We have 2 fox red and 1 yellow boys of exceptional breeding all three whelped in Oklahoma at our kennels! They are 9 months old and about 50 pounds. All are current on their vaccinations including their rabies! We have been fostering them for a fellow breeder, the guy who we got Elvis from in Colorado, an excellent breeder of Pointing Labradors, he's had a few turns of misfortune and could sure use the income from their sale, we do have paper work and they can be registered with AKC now as well, thank you for your interest in Desert Jewel Pointing Labradors!

Photo of our Kennel in Geronimo, OK

Check out our comfy kennel.

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